• Feb 26 2020

    SJS 2020-21 Registrations & Fees Due

    Wednesday February 26th

    Registrations for the 2020-21 academic year are due by today. Please see tuition schedule. Re-registration forms are available in the SJS office. Re-registrations received after February 26th will be charged $100 fee (instead of $75 early registration fee).

  • Grade 3-6 BB Intramural

    Wednesday February 26th, 3PM — 4:30PM
  • Ash Wednesday - Mass

    Wednesday February 26th, 9.15am

    All are welcome.  There will NOT be coffee hour following Mass.

    Liturgy: Grade 8       

    Choir: SJS Special Choir

    Altar Servers: Ronan Finnegan, Joseph Poeschl, Kevin Poeschl