Events: 11/09/2021

  • Public Speaking – “Confident Junior Communicators” - After-School Program

    Tuesday November 9th, 2021, 3pm — 4.30pm

    We are happy to welcome back an extremely popular program from the past  - public speaking by Roquiita Johnson. Roquita has relocated from CT but will facilitate the same program remotely. It will take place in the SJS library – supervised by 2 SJS volunteers. Students will learn about the 3V’s of Public Speaking: the Vocal, Visual, and Verbal.  Topics under the 3V’s will include: Helpful and hurtful body language, visual aids, verbal “distractions”, how to bring a speech to life with yourwords, how to useyour voice to engage the audience, how to craft a speech using the fundamentals of speech structure. 

    The program’s ultimate goal is to equip and empower students to handle her/himself with more confidence in any speaking environment. 
RJPS will provide each student with handout resources. Every student receives a Confident Junior Communicators participation certificate at the end of the program. Certificates will also be given for special achievements/recognition.