Events: 05/06/2022

  • Donnelly's Uniform Virtual Fitting Day

    Friday May 6th

    As many of you are aware, we usually hold an in-person uniform fitting in April for uniform purchases for the upcoming school year.  We received word from Donnelly's that, at this point, it looks like in-school fittings will be as difficult this year as it was last year, due to site restrictions, health concerns and Donnelly's staffing requirements.  Therefore, in lieu of an actual in-school fitting, Donnelly's will be using May 6 for a so-called “virtual fitting day”.  Please see the attached flyer with more details.  As an extra incentive, they are offering an additional 5% off if parents place their order by or before our virtual fitting date. This would be on top of the 20% discount already in place for early orders received by June 15.  

    Parents can order online, by phone or in-store. Their staff will be able to assist you (either online, by phone or in-store) with sizing in whichever way you choose to communicate with them.

    Donnelly's feels that the in-school delivery during the summer is an important event, due to sizing changes because of the children's growth. Therefore, we will hold the in-school pick-up, as we did last year, masked and socially-distanced. This date is scheduled for July 18, 9-11am.  We have the flexibility to change the delivery to a curbside pick-up (at the last moment) if we need to.  Please call the school office if you have any questions on the above or attached.


  • First Friday - Early Dismissal - 1pm

    Friday May 6th
  • First Friday Mass

    Friday May 6th, 9.15am
  • Zumba Kids - After-school program

    Friday May 6th, 1.30pm — 2.30pm
  • Fairy Tale Misfits - SJS Drama Club Production

    Friday May 6th, 6.30pm

    SJS Drama Club presents Fairy Tale Misfits - Friday, May 6th @ 6.30pm & Saturday, May 7th @ 1pm. Please call the SJS office @ (860) 388 0849 for tickets. 


    SJS Gymnasium