SJS Carline Coordinator/Assistants

SJS will have carline return September 1st. To facilitate carline, we are in need of 2 carline co-ordinators and 6 car line assistants.

Car Line Coordinators(2): responsibilties will include creating/maintaining schedule of carline assistants on platform such as Sign Up Genius or SJS website. Ensuring car line assistants are aware of schedule. Subbing may be required when car line assitants are unavailable unexpectedly. There must be at least 2 carline assistants daily. 

Car Line Assistants(6): responsibilties will include assisting students from their car in the morning, ensuring the carline area is safe (no car passing, no speeding, no cell phones etc), stopping car line cars if necessary to allow for safe crossing by PK families, ensuring church lot gate is closed to main school parking lot. Car Line assistants are required 8.15am-8.45am.

First & Last Names