Drama Club Dazzles with “Twinderella”

Apr 9 2015

The cast and crew of over thirty students performed the musical comedy, “Twinderella” for family, friends, and members of the St. John Parish family on Wednesday and Thursday nights, April 8th and 9th.  This marked the return of a full-scale drama production to the school after a seven year hiatus.  The Drama Club Coaches, Sister Gabriela (2nd grade teacher) and Ann Corcoran (5th grade teacher), were assisted by SJS alumnae and St. John parishioner, Molly Sullivan, an education coordinator at Goodspeed Musicals. 

Weekly practices began in December for the group of 5th to 8th grade students, many of whom had never performed on stage with an audience prior to Opening Night.  Special thanks to the many parents who assisted with the sets, props, sound system, costumes, tickets and hospitality.  Thank you also to the school administration, staff, and teachers for your help in the production.  Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Cast, Crew & Coaches

 Full Cast, Crew and Coaches


8th Grade Students Present Coaches with Flowers