SJS Fifth Grade Takes Flight with History, Art, Birds and Biology!

Apr 2 2017

 On Thursday, March 16th, the Saint John School Fifth Grade took to the air in a program designed to introduce students to the vast world of birds as well as the cross-section of art and biology! Students travelled to the Yale Peabody Museum’s Bird Room to observe, study, and sketch the wild birds of Connecticut. Our young “naturalists” enjoyed an engaging presentation and discussion on birds and their adaptations followed by a complete lesson in drawing the collections’ feathered specimens.

The trip could not be complete without a lesson in bird history with a tour of the Hall of Dinosaurs and the Peabody’s spectacular temporary exhibit, The Art of Archaeopteryx. This exhibit tied it all together by showcasing the drawings, paintings, and sculptures of artists whose primary subject matter is found only in the fossil record of our first feathered dinosaur! The trip captured the interest and imagination of all those in attendance: the students, teachers, chaperones, and the bus driver joined in as well!

 In the words of a few of the students, “I loved it. It was just awesome!” “I liked the drawing,” and “it was interesting because thy had so many types of species.”

 For more information about the exhibit or to plan your own visit there (The Art of Archaeopteryx is on display through August 30, 2017), click here. And for your own outdoor bird viewing, Jim Sirch, the presenter and Public Education Coordinator at the Peabody, suggested a hike at Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden.

Enjoy the photos of our 5th Graders enjoying this fabulous flight through art, history, and science!

Here's their very own, "through the looking glass."