SJS Students Welcome Jesus, Our Savior with La Posada

Dec 22 2017

La Posada

The tradition of La Posada took place again at St. John School this morning as we prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Mary and Joseph first knocked on the 8th Grade door to see if there was room at the “inn”. They then proceeded to the 7th Grade classroom, now accompanied by the 8th Graders. Then onto the 6th Grade classroom, knocking for a place to stay, now joined by the 7th graders.  Teachers and students, accompanied by Mother Elaine and Fr. Martin processed slowly and reverently to the elementary wing to the 5th Grade classroom. Finally after continuing to all the grades and accompanied by all the students, they made their way to the SJS gym. There each student bowed reverently to Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Students and teachers along with the SJS Choir sang Christmas carols together and completed the Jesse Tree to rejoice in the arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord.