SJS's Advent Tradition "Lessons and Carols" Delights All!

Jan 6 2018

Under the direction of SJS's new Music teacher, Mrs. Hurlburt, St John School presented Lessons and Carols on Thursday, December 21 to a packed auditorium.

Lessons & Carols 2017/18

Lessons and Carols became a SJS tradition when Mother Elaine became principal in 2010.  Unlike the usual winter concerts presented during the Advent season, SJS's Lessons and Carols beautifully reminds all who attend what Christmas truly means: the Incarnation of our Lord.  

Kindergarten through 8th grade students read passages from the Bible (Lessons) followed by artfully prepared musical performances (Carols).  8th graders are selected each year for the honor of carrying the crucifix and candles as they lead the procession of candle bearing Pre K- 8th graders through the dimly lit auditorium, all donning their holiday best.

It is difficult to improve upon each years performance, but Mrs Hurlburt did just that!  This year, SJS guests were treated to piano, drum, and guitar accompaniments to the usual beautiful vocals.  

The finale every year is the re-enactment of the manger scene.  Second and third graders dressed as shepherds, angels, and wise men gathered on stage to honor the baby Jesus.  And as the remaining students processed to the exit, they stopped to acknowledge Jesus.

The SJS tradition of Lessons and Carols is truly unique.  It helps those who are fortunate to attend to pause and reflect.  The hectic busyness of the season is put aside for an hour, so that we can delight in the birth of our Lord.  What a blessing for the students, families, and the community!