SJS 8th Grade Sheep Heart Dissection Science Lab Prepares Students for Success!

Mar 21 2018

Many teachers and education professionals maintain that there is no substitute for the hands-on learning experience of dissection.  The SJS Middle School science program is no exception.  Under the direction of SJS's Science teacher Mr. Pearson, the 8th grade got to experience the daunting task of examining and dissecting a sheep's heart.

Students observed and identified the external and internal structures of a sheep’s heart.   Using a scalpel, probe, and some red and blue string, students were able to identify paths of the blood through the heart.  And of course, students prepared a detailed lab report of their observations and findings.

Early exposure to tools and techniques, as well as familiarity with organ tissue have proven to bolster students’ confidence and success when they take HS biology. Dissection as well as the accompanying lab report is a memorable and instructive aspect of the SJS Middle School science curriculum.


Grade 8 - Science Curriculum - Dissection