SJS Modern Woodsman Speech Contest: Winners announced!

Apr 30 2019

Each spring students in grades 5-8 compete to be one of three chosen to represent their grade in the annual Modern Woodsman Speech contest.  On Friday, March 31, 15 students presented their speeches to an auditorium filled with three judges, teachers, parents, and their peers.

The speech contest is an opportunity for students to practice persuasive writing as well as public speaking in a competitive setting.  This year's speeches addressed the challenges the youth of today face.  


As always, it was fascinating to hear how students tackled the topic they were provided.  Among the challenges students discussed were; helicopter parenting, cyber bullying, school lock down drills, video game addiction, and the pressure to fit in and be successful.  

The judges had the difficult task of selecting only 3 out of the 15 contestants to move on to the next phase of competition. 

Congratulations to Sam Matt, Caleb Haylon, and Ana Simoniello on being selected!