Saints Alive - a Strong Beloved Tradition at SJS!

May 7 2019

Each Spring in 3rd Grade, we are treated to quite a spectacle - the Saints come “alive”!  Students, as part of the St. John School 3rd Grade religion curriculum, learn what the Catholic faith teaches about the Saints.  This year is no exception. We are urged by the Catholic teachings and our SJS 3rd Graders to imitate the Saints, and to follow their example of holiness. 

Saints Alive 2019

For "Saints Alive”, 3rd Graders write a persuasive letter to 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Penrod, stating the reasons why they believe they should be their chosen Saint. Once each student is assigned a Saint, the research about their Saint begins!  They prepare a "script" which details the life of their Saint, including what makes that Saint special to them personally. They compile a poster board all about the life of the Saint including miracles they have performed. In addition, they create an altar, which includes pictures and items that help others learn about the Saint they have chosen.  Lastly, each student dresses up as their chosen Saint, and for the day, they speak to all visitors to their altar as if they were in fact that Saint.   

Saints Alive is truly a SJS tradition.  All other SJS grades along with their teachers visit the 3rd Grade Saints. Parents, parishioners and other visitors come to hear all about the lives of these special people. Ask any of our alumni, and they will be able to recall their Saints Alive Saint.  Not only do students learn about a fundamental teaching of the Catholic Church, but they develop essential research, writing, and public speaking skills. Congratulations to our 3rd Grade Saints this year!