Spotlight on our New Grade 4 Teacher - Mrs. Meyer!

Dec 2 2019


Sometimes life has a way of surprising us and making us wonder what God has planned for us.  If we rely on our faith to get through those difficult times, amazing things can happen.  In August, our beloved 4thgrade teacher, Catherine O’Brien was called by God to her eternal rest.  All at St. John School were shocked and saddened.  While overwhelmed by her loss, the school still had to find a new teacher for the 4thgrade.  In faith we know that God works in mysterious ways.  At the same time this was happening at SJS, another amazing teacher had just found out that her school was closing.  Mrs. Meyer had been preparing for a new school year at Mooreland Hill School in Kensington, CT.  She felt unsure of what lay ahead, but her daughter asked her where she could see herself teaching.  The answer was Saint John School.  When Mrs. Meyer made the call, Mrs. Breault, SJS school secretary, said “ God sent you to us.” When she spoke to Mother Elaine, she knew she had found a new home. 

After teaching in North Carolina for many years, Mrs. Meyer moved to CT and taught at the Country School in Madison.  Later she was challenged to start an elementary curriculum at the Moreland Hill School.  Finding herself having to prepare for the SJS school year in an abbreviated time was a daunting task.  At the start of classes, Mrs. Meyer asked her students to prepare “All about Me” posters. It’s a way to get to know each other in a fun way.  Mrs. Meyer also believes in a hands on style of learning.  While learning about the Saints, one student suggested making banners with each saint’s information.  The first Saint was St. Padre Pio!  The banners have the Saint’s information and bible verses.  The class also requested a prayer corner in the room.  The corner has pictures of places of comfort like a church and home.   How wonderful that the students requested this space!   

Believing reading to the class encourages students, Mrs. Meyer has read “Waiting for the Magic” to the class.  One of the main characters is a dog.  The next book she picked to read is called, “The Poet’s Dog”.  Sensing a theme, Mrs. Meyer admitted to having three lovable pet dogs at home!   

Studying science is enhanced by special jars on the window wall containing different liquids.  By adding new things to the jars, the students learn by observing changes. They are called upon to document their observations and figure out the reasons for the changes. This is the type of hands on learning that keeps the students engaged in the subject.  


Grade 4 - Mrs. Meyer

When asked what special skills she brought to her job as a teacher, she believes her positivity and her desire to reach each child on some level every day.  It’s not surprising that her daily blog is entitled “Joyful at St. John School”.  Nor is it surprising that her license plate proclaims “Smile”!   There is no doubt that God smiled upon SJS when He sent Mrs. Meyer to us.