News and Announcements

  • April 3rd, 2016

    Saints Alive is a Special St. John School Tradition

    It was a treat for the St. John community to visit Saints Alive during the last week of Lent. This is an annual event showcased by Grade 3 where each student takes on the role of a saint of their choice. Having researched about the life of their saint, they prepared a script which encompassed all aspects of that saints life,… Read More

  • April 3rd, 2016

    Students Learn About Fire Prevention and Poster Design

    SJS fourth graders were challenged to create a public service poster illustrating fire prevention and containing a short message describing a component of fire prevention. In Art class, students first studied the fundamentals of poster design. They learned how to use diagonals, abstract shapes, and borders to focus the attention of the viewer on the important information in their design.… Read More

  • March 24th, 2016

    5th Grade Presents Living Stations of the Cross

    On March 18th and March 24th, students from St. John School presented The Living Stations of the Cross.  The fifth grade students prayerfully re-enacted the Lord's walk to Calvary, His crucifixion, death and burial. The fourth graders enhanced the presentation in song.   It was a powerful and moving presentation touching everyone’s emotions. Read More

  • March 24th, 2016

    4th Grade Visits Acton Library

    Mrs. Holmes 4th Grade class enjoyed a spring walk over to Acton Library where they met the Children's Librarian, Miss Karen.   They heard about the many things available to them at the library, listened to a few stories, and discovered the library by going on a scavenger hunt. They learned about books on CD and play-aways which is like a… Read More

  • March 23rd, 2016

    Participants Impress the Audience at Annual Speech Contest

    This year the Modern Woodmen School Speech Contest topic was to present a speech about “Hunger in America”.  Students in grades 5-8 had to research the topic and address it from an individual, local, state or national perspective.  Students then organized their material, incorporating their own thoughts and words to write a speech lasting 3-5 minutes.  They then practiced delivering their… Read More

  • March 5th, 2016

    Third Grade Visits the Stars

    "Things Are Looking Up" for the Third Grade Junior Astronomers who were treated to an "Out Of This World" stargazing experience at the Mystic Planetarium. They impressed Brian, their animated astronomer, with all their knowledge of the constellations and solar system.  He said, "This is the best group I've had, and I'm having so much fun."  One student said, "I feel… Read More

  • February 29th, 2016

    Skiers & Snowboarders Finish Season

    The 2015-2016 St. John School Ski & Snowboard Club may have finished the season, but the memories will last much longer!  Each year our students, together with their families, have an opportunity to learn to ski or sharpen their skills with a discounted group rate at Mount Southington.  The "conditions" are always good to team up with friends and family,… Read More

  • February 3rd, 2016

    Saint John School Announces New School Logo

    Today, Mother Elaine announced the introduction of the new professionally designed St. John School logo.  The school will be using the new logo going forward and phasing out the multiple variations of the St. John School eagle logo that are currently in use.   As explained in a letter to the students, parents, faculty & staff, friends of St. John School,… Read More

  • January 29th, 2016

    Bishop Michael Cote Gives Special Blessing During Visit

    Bishop Michael Cote visited Saint John School on January 28th and addressed the whole school at morning prayer with our Principal Mother Elaine. He reminded us that it was the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican who was a scholar and known for his continued studying throughout his life. The Bishop encouraged the students to use their gifts, to… Read More

  • December 22nd, 2015

    Hot off the Press! Journalism Club First Edition This Week

    Journalism Club has been a journey for both the students and coordinators. Our very first week the students chose what job they would like to do for the paper. Many chose photography, and a great number chose art and creative writing. The students were given Press Passes courtesy of Tom Ceniglio, and we were off to great start. As the… Read More