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After School Programs

After-School Programs  - SPRING 2019

St. John School and Mother Elaine are pleased to announce new after-school programs for students for Spring 2019.  

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Deadline : Friday, April 26, 2019



 After-School Programs  - WINTER 2019


St. John School and Mother Elaine are pleased to announce new after-school programs for students for Winter 2019.  

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Deadline : Friday, January 25, 2019

Board Game Club by Mrs. Clark      Games, games, games!  These four sessions involve playing different kinds of indoor games. Some may be familiar to you and some will be new.  There will be card games and board games as well as a chance to create your own games. A snack will be provided.

 When:Thursday, 3.15-4.15pm for 4 weeks – Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21

Grades: K-3                         Location: K Classroom                                    Min #: 8   Max #: 20      Cost: $12 per participant 

Book Club by Gwen Pond      A historical fiction book discussion group facilited by Gwen Pond. The group will read a historical fiction book and discuss. The last session will include a special book themed project/event. This is a 4-session program.

When: Monday, 3pm – 4pm for 4 weeks - Feb 4, 11, 25, Mar 4

Grades: 4-6                          Location: SJS Library                                     Min #: 4   Max #: 12          Cost: $40 per participant (includes paperback copy of selected book)                                                                  

Crochet Class by Vivian Pacheco-O’Donnell      By using different crochet stitches, students will learn how to crochet flowers, create a crochet flower bookmark and make a rosary. They will learn how to make a “Granny square”, a coaster and much more. Crochet is a great craft we can use to create beautiful and unique pieces of art. For photos of the finished crochet, please see the SJS website under “Current Families” and “After School programs”. A snack will be provided.

Note - no class on First Fridays.    

When: Friday (every other Friday – 5 classes), 3.15pm-5.30pm  - Feb 8, 22, Mar 8, 22, Apr 12                                       Grades: 7-8                            Location: SJS Library                                 Min #: 5   Max #: 10       

Cost: $30 per participant(includes all the supplies - yarn, crochet hooks, notebook, tote bag, yarn needles. Students are also welcome to bring their own yarn).

Chess Club by Tom Coffey     Chess club for all levels. Will include instruction for beginners. A snack will be provided. Note: No class on First Fridays.

When: Friday (every other Friday – 4 classes), 3.15pm-4.30pm  - Feb 15, Mar 15, 29, Apr 12 

Grades: 3-8                            Location: SJS Library                                 Min #: 10   Max #: none   

Cost: $15 per participant

SJS Special Choir by Mrs. Haylon       The SJS Special Choir will practice for special events throughout the year, Mass, prayer services and SJS Graduation.        

When: Thursdays, 3.15-4.15pm

Grades: 3-8                             Location: 7thGrade classroom                   

Cost: no fee at this time    

  Public Speaking – “Confident Junior Communicators” (CJC) by Roquita Johnson

CJC is a six week course, with one class per week. Each session will last 1.5 hours, with the last session lasting two hours for student speeches. The program will be conducted in two tracks: one track for grade 4 & 5 students, and the other track for grades 6, 7, and 8 students. For the most effective learning environment and optimal group interaction, each track will require a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 25 students. 

Students will learn about the 3V’s of Public Speaking: the Vocal, Visual, and Verbal. 

Topics under the 3V’s will include: 

  • Helpful and hurtful body language 
  • Visual aids 
  • Verbal “distractions” 
  • How to bring a speech to life with your words 
  • How to use your voice to engage the audience 
  • How to craft a speech using the fundamentals of speech structure 

The program’s ultimate goal is to equip and empower youth to handle her/himself with more confidence in any speaking environment. Students will deliver a short speech at the last session.
Students will also learn to be active listeners and observers as they provide feedback to each other during activities. 

Student Requirements :

  • Notebook or laptop/tablet for notes 
  • Good attitude 
  • Timely completion of assignments 
  • Willingness to learn and have fun! 

RJPS will provide each student with a folder containing handout resources. 
Every student receives a Confident Junior Communicators participation certificate at the end of the program. Certificates will also be given for special achievements/recognition. 
See SJS website under “Current Families” and “After School Programs” for more information.

                                     After-School Programs  - Fall 2018

  Thank you to all who participated in the Fall 2018 After-School Programs.  

After School Programs - Fall 2018

1) STEM by Ms. Ashborn    

2) CrossFit by Mrs. Graham            

3) SJS Choir by Mrs. Haylon 

4) Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Class