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The Athletic Department at St. John School is committed to serving our young people by helping them to develop themselves as athletes, team members, and virtuous citizens of our community. 

Our athletic motto is “Sport, a school of human virtue.” It is a quote from Pope John Paul II who taught that "every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ that is a faithful and courageous witness to His Gospel." He reminds us that “sport is a vital instrument for the moral and spiritual elevation of the human person…and that the Church approves and encourages sports seeing in it a form of gymnastics of the mind and of the spirit.”  

Per our Catholic Catechism, “Parents have the honor and responsibility of “initiating” children into our great sports, their traditions, and legends.  Part of that initiation process is helping children to discover for themselves the nobility and grace that shines through sports experiences. The exertion or the exhilaration of sports activity, brings an awareness of “the divine image” present in every person.” Catholic Catechism, 1978

In participating in our athletic programs we hope that our student athletes learn to appreciate and develop their God given talents as they grow with their teammates in virtue, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

We especially thank our coaches for their enthusiasm and hard work which enriches our children’s experience at St. John School.  

May God bless you all for your continued support and prayers. Together we will help our children reach their full potential in spirit, mind, and body and empower them to become virtuous disciples of Christ.

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