Athletic Department and Handbook

The Athletic Department has the responsibility to organize and manage the intramural, club, and interscholastic programs at St. John. It is an extension of the school and its curriculum, therefore, these programs and personnel are subject to the authority of the pastor and principal; the principal being the primary authority in the school. At St. John, the athletic director in combination with the athletic board, administer the athletic program. They consult and collaborate with the principal and are accountable to her. A hierarchy chart can be found in the Appendix of the Athletic Handbook to illustrate the Athletic Department at St. John School. 

All members of the department are volunteers and graciously offer their time, wisdom, and talent to build upon and share a firm belief that: “sport,… is a school of virtue” - Pope John Paul II.

The athletic handbook document contains the following information:

  • Athletics programs
  • Detailed operating procedures
  • Fees
  • Volunteers/Coaches info

Click here to view or download the Athletics Handbook (42 pages, PDF)