Computer Lab/Technology

Class of 1982, St. Bernard High School, Uncasville, CT
Class of 1986, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (B.S. Astronomy)

After working in the computer/information technology industry for 25 years, I have respect for the computer as a powerful tool, for a tool it is and has always been.  As with any tool, proper use can yield amazing results and misuse can be disasterous.  No one should abdicate their thinking to a tool, even one as powerful as a modern computer.  The technology has not been invented that can even remotely match a computer in ability to the average human brain.

The purpose of the Computer Lab is to introduce younger students to this tool that has become so ubiquitous in today's American culture, as well as to familiarize all students with the computer applications most likely to be used for school assignments such as internet browsers, Microsoft Word©, Microsoft Excel© and Microsoft PowerPoint©.

Starting with Kindergarten, each grade in the elementary school has specific learning goals designed to assist the student in working toward the mastery of this useful tool.  In my approach, I try to instill the ability to self-teach by having the student: analyze what is required to operate a computer, interact with an operating system, and be able to figure out the basic commands of any software that may be encountered during the rest of their lives.