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Drama Club           

The Drama Club production is open to students in grades 5-8. Auditions take place in the Fall, practice continues through the Winter, and the production takes place in the Spring. Contact the school office for more information.

April 7 & 8, 2016 at 6:30pm "The Nifty-Fifties" 

Purchase tickets at the door of the school auditorium the night of the show or reserve in advance by purchasing through the School Office by calling 860-388-0849. $5 each.

For detailed information about the production, rehearsal schedule, and more, visit the Drama Club website 






Sixteen 3rd and 4th grade students participated in four Drama.Ties.It! workshops in November led by playwright, performer, teaching artist, and author, Carol Glynn. The students learned that it was ok to “cheat” in theater, as Mrs. Glynn joked, referring to “cheating out” where the audience can see a performer’s face even when the performer is talking to someone next to them. She also led them in working on voice projection, animating your face, and a challenging teamwork exercise whereby 4 to 6 people had to walk forward while standing on two boards arranged like skis. Their creativity was tapped in an exercise where they had to mime a use for a piece of foam noodle. The workshop series culminated in a presentation for families of “Stephanie’s Ponytail” based on the Robert Munsch story of the same name. They used props and costumes and did a great job presenting this funny story with an important message about being able to accept being different. The students had a fun and enjoyable time working together.



Spring  2015 "Twinderella-The Musical"