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Home and School Association (HSA) Committee

The HSA Committee of St. John School welcomes you and is pleased to share these details about our school. The main role of the HSA Committee is to fundraise for the operating expenses of the school as well as fundraise for the student school activities and enrichment. HSA will aid in communicating with the parents, and help coordinate parent and student activities, including cultural programs.

The HSA helps accomplish fundraising goals, helps track donation information and volunteer hours, coordinates dates of activities with the faculty calendar, and communicates needs and suggestions from the parent body. HSA fundraising helps keep tuition affordable and helps parents earn required volunteer hours.

The HSA Committee meets four times a year (see calendar) with the parents and meets monthly with the school principal. Parent communication with the Committee is welcome at any time. The HSA encourages parents to participate in school activities and fundraisers. Participation helps accomplish the minimum required volunteer hours and yearly financial donation assessment. Please refer to the HSA Handbook section of this website for clarification of family required assessment and hours.

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The 2016-2017 HSA Committee

  • Lisa Kagel, Meeting Coordinator
  • MaryAnne Poeschl, Correspondence Secretary
  • Beth Shea, Activities Coordinator
  • Bill Tait, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Caroline Carroll, Service Coordinator
  • Tamara Laurie, Recording Secretary
  • Laura Bulas, Treasurer
  • Lisa Goetz, Assessment Treasurer
  • Bernadette Garrity and Silvana Baxter, Hospitality Coordinators
  • Lisa Kagel, Class Liaison Coordinator