Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - September 21, 2022  

Dear Parents, 

A reflection on the Sunday Gospel follows: So what lesson can we get from the story of the rich man and Lazarus? First, life can be reversed. What we are now may not be what we will be in the future or in the next life. In fact, this story tells us that there is indeed life after death. We will all soon pass away and everyone will be judged accordingly. Second, money by itself has nothing to do with eternal life. We must take note that the gospel reading above was directed to the Pharisees and other religious leaders of that time. It was a kind of rebuke to them who are “lovers of money” (Luke 16:14). Third, there is hope for the poor and Jesus is calling us to share what we have most especially with them. The gospel passage above is very clear that the rich man’s fault was his lack of compassion for poor Lazarus. 

God Bless you-

Mother Elaine, Principal

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