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Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - March 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

On Sunday, Jesus, as He raises Lazarus from the dead, urges us to live and believe in Him.  St. Francis de Sales expands on what it means to live in the Spirit of Jesus:

Jesus desires to give life to those who are dead to attest to God’s love for us.  He speaks to those who are deadened by sin to affirm that all can hear the voice of God through the Spirit.  The Spirit gently awakens us to a new human life. No matter how weakened our hearts may be by sin, the Spirit strengthens them with an invigorating and enlivening holy love.  The Holy Spirit is like a fountain of living water that flows into every part of our hearts so as to spread its divine love there.

All our affections follow love.  In love we desire, rejoice, hope and despair, fear, hate, avoid things, feel sad, grow angry, and exult.  Love is the foundation of our life lived in the Spirit of Jesus.  When divine love reigns in our hearts, it transforms all other affections we have chosen so that we may live, walk, and work in the Spirit of Jesus.  The Spirit has no wish to enter our hearts without our permission.  The Spirit will flood us with divine love only with our cooperation.  So what must we do to nourish a spirit where the Spirit of Jesus can dwell?  When reason guides our appetites, feelings and emotions, we are then living in the “spirit.”  We live in the “flesh” when our appetites, feelings and emotions determine our actions.  Let us unambiguously choose a life in the spirit.

If a sick man takes only part of his required medicine, it partly heals him.  So also, with divine love, to the extent we consent to embrace it, the Spirit floods us with sacred love.  Thus, we must not only receive God’s love at our heart’s door, but also into our heart’s consent.  We must nurture this love guided by holy reason and wisdom.  When steeped with the love of the Spirit, our hearts produce sacred actions that tend toward immortal glory.  Let us consent to a new human life in the Spirit of Jesus who raises us to eternal glory.

(Adapted from the Treatise on the Love of God)

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