Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - October 20, 2021   

Dear Parents,

Sunday’s Gospel reading is all about Bartimaeus.  Bartimaeus, a blind man, heard about Jesus of Nazareth and waited for Him on the roadside. He must have heard how the Lord performed many miracles before. He believed that He too can receive the miracle of sight if only He can meet Him. Have you also heard about Jesus? Do you believe in Him?

Have pity on me is the cry of Bartimaeus. This is also the cry of many people who are in great need. If we are humble enough, we will recognize our great need for spiritual help. We are in many ways blind, not necessarily physical, but there are many things that we do not see. Let us also cry out to the Lord to have pity on us and to heal our own blindness. Like Bartimaeus, let us cry out: I want to see.

 The disciples rebuked Bartimaeus. We also do that. Sometimes, we chastise people who are asking for help. Because of our carelessness, we blocked people from seeing Jesus. 

God bless you.

Mother Elaine, Principal

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